Fine Motor Skills

The Preschoolers practice cutting

Fine motor skills--the finessed little motions of the hand/arm--are incredibly important for young children to work on. Without mastering these skills, children will struggle to write, dress independently, even eat! Fine motor skills are involved in a multitude of daily activities, which is why we take special effort to plan activities to practice these skills as school. We especially focus on that the first half of the school year as a build up to being able to practice writing skills more readily. Some ways you can encourage fine motor development at home include:

*Playing with playdough

*Cutting playdough with scissors (a favorite activity here at school!)

*Ripping paper to make collages

*Cutting paper strips


*Pouring water from a small pitcher

*Fastening/unfastening velcro

*Playing with small blocks

*Working with puzzles

*Puppet Play

*Lacing beads for necklaces

*Helping cut/mix/serve meals

*Opening and shutting containers

*Playing board games with small pieces

These are just a few of many ways you can help your child develop fine motor skills at home!

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