Cold Weather Tips

It's that time of year that winter is starting to make itself known!

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a safe, healthy, and happy winter season!

1. Layers, layers, layers! The best way to prepare your child for a full day of play in the winter is to make sure they have clothing that is layered to keep them comfortable in all temperature situations.

2. Fit and form. Outdoor clothing should be waterproof to keep the melting snow from getting trapped inside little gloves and chilling hands prematurely. Boots should be big enough to allow a second pair of socks if needed. Boots that are two small actually restrict blood flow, which causes feet to chill even quicker.

3. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Snow actually reflects the glare from the sun and can do as much damage to our skin as sitting on the beach without sunscreen. It’s a good idea to keep any skin that will be exposed on your child’s face covered with sunscreen while they play outside. You can also feel free to send sunscreen into school and we’ll make sure they have it on here as well. Sunglasses are also a good investment to combat the glare on snow filled sunny days.

4. Strengthen your immune systems. Winter is one of the most common times to get those colds that you just can’t seem to shake. Especially when you’re a young child who spends their days with 15 other young children’s germs at preschool! Serve healthy snacks and meals at home that can give their immune system an advantage! Fresh fruits and veggies provide a great immune boost!

5. Know the signs of frost bite. Skin that is paler than normal, burning, tingling, numbness, swelling, and blisters in the first 24 hours after exposure are all signs of frostbite. Prevent frostbite with proper layering and by taking breaks to warm up indoors when children seem chilled or have skin that is turning pink with the cold. Treat mild frostbite with warm, NOT HOT, water. Pat the area dry after submerging it. NEVER RUB OR MASSAGE THE FROSTBITTEN AREA. DO NOT BREAK THE BLISTERS. Seek immediate medical attention if feeling does not return to the area within the hour, if blisters form, or if fevers, swelling, or discharge begin.

Let's have a happy, healthy, and safe winter season!

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