• Katrina Wascher

Classifying (Sorting)

This week our small group focus is KDI G46: Classifying—Children classify materials, actions, people, and events. Children generally begin classifying spontaneously at this age, or even younger. They may not always to able to tell you the reason for their groupings, or keep it consistent, but they’re still taking the first steps toward classifying whenever they begin separating objects from a pile or grouping things together. Often the first attribute children use to match things is color—picking out all the red gummies from their fruit snacks and eating them first for example.

The next step for children is being able to use the words same and different to compare attributes, and to sort their groups with a consistent rule. For example, all the spotted dinosaurs go into one pile and all the ones that are different are left behind.

Some older preschoolers and kindergarten aged children may begin sorting a collection of objects based on more than on attribute—such as color AND size.

Ways you can help support your child’s classifying development at home include:

· Encouraging your child to collect and sort things

· Narrating their sorting, “these are all red and those are not red”

· Calling attention to things that are the “same” and “different”

Children love to sort and sorting supports healthy math and science development. Encourage their sorting and give them the language they need (have, have not, same, different) to explain their sorting. Thank you for supporting what your children learn at school by extending their knowledge in your homes! You are your child’s greatest teacher!

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