Mt. Olive Lutheran exists to reach all in our church and community with the knowledge of Jesus as their Savior, to provide students with a quality Christian education, and to encourage families in their Christian living.

God gives parents the primary responsibility of raising and nurturing children. At Mt. Olive Lutheran Preschool, we strive to assist parents in giving children a loving, Christian environment to help children with their development. Our preschool will work to meet the child’s spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs in a developmentally and age-appropriate manner.




  • to learn of God’s love for him or her

  • to develop emotionally and gain independence

  • to express age-appropriate emotional responses

  • to develop fine and gross motor skills

  • to develop problem solving skills

  • to develop good hygiene habits

  • to develop respect for others

  • to play and interact appropriately with others

  • to develop skills toward academic readiness


We currently utilize the HighScope Preschool Curriculum--a research based, time tested curriculum that features hands-on learning and engagement across all domains.

"The HighScope Preschool Curriculum is based on the principles of active learning and support of a child's positive interactions with adults and peers. Longitudinal studies show that the HighScope Preschool Curriculum promotes children’s development and provides lasting benefits into adulthood.

Our Preschool Curriculum is a comprehensive model that addresses all areas of development through eight content areas and 58 key developmental indicators (KDIs) — the skills and behaviors at each stage of development that pave the way for school and adult success. Each KDI is connected to and reinforced by scaffolding strategies to support and gently extend children’s learning."

HighScope goals are aligned with the MN goals for Kindergarten readiness as well, ensuring that your child will be well prepared for "big kid school" when they leave our classroom! 

Throughout the course of the school year, we will focus on key developmental indicators (KDIs) in each of these domains:

1. Approaches to Learning

2. Social and Emotional Development 

3. Physical Development and Health

4. Language, Literacy, and Communication

5. Mathematics

6. Creative Arts

7. Science and Technology

8.Social Studies

Along with this, our Bible Time Curriculum utilizes Christ Light--a series of 48 Bible Stories for Preschoolers which we pair with weekly songs and memory verses. 

We assess twice a year through teacher observations and anecdotes to get a realistic portrait of your child's progress. We utilize a HighScope based assessment that mirrors the curriculum and have formal parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child's development twice a year. 

For more information on HighScope, please click the following links: 

HighScope Curriculum  

Curriculum Content

HighScope Alignment to MN Standards


Our family is so happy our daughter gets the chance to attend this school like her older sister did. In the few short weeks since school has started she has already broken out of her "shell". We are very excited about the new preschool program and cannot wait to see what else there is to come!

We are so pleased with Mt. Olive Lutheran Preschool and our son's teacher, Ms. Wendland. Our son is quite shy and doesn't always do well in new situations. But there were no tears the first day and he took to Ms. Wendland right away. He looks forward to going each day and is in such a good mood when we pick him up. We are so happy we chose Mt. Olive Preschool!

Curt and Terri Reuter

Jaime Pool

Mt. Olive Preschool is the perfect blend of early childhood education, play, and God's Word. In just the first few weeks I could see my son growing more confident and outgoing while growing in his faith.

Mt. Olive has been such a blessing to our family! When we started looking for preschools for our 4 year old son, we were looking for a program that could provide a smaller learning environment, a better structure to the “school day” and one that could be flexible with our work schedules.  What we found in Mt. Olive has surpassed every expectation we had – even in just the few short weeks since school has started. We have seen a night and day change in our son since beginning the preschool program. Every day he wakes up excited to go to school, work with his teacher, Ms. Wendland, and play with his friends! Not only is Mt. Olive providing a wonderful curriculum and focus to education, they are also reinforcing for our son, the value in himself, in friendships and in God.  We couldn’t be happier or more impressed with Mt. Olive – thank you for all you do!

Becky Teal

Megan Danielson